About Us

Welcome to The LOPEHOLT, your ultimate destination for personalized motorcycle leather jackets, trousers, suits, solo bags, and a wide range of motorcycle accessories. Crafted with precision and pride, our leather products are tailor-made to perfection.

When & How

LOPEHOLT had its inception in 2011 in Sialkot, Pakistan, dedicated to creating bespoke handmade sandals, belts, wallets, purses, and a diverse range of small leather goods. We prided ourselves on fulfilling orders of any size, big or small. As our reputation flourished, in late 2014, a customer approached us with a unique proposition to fashion motorcycle leather jackets, trousers, suits, and other accessories for his motorcycle. The collaboration turned out to be a resounding success, leading the way for us to specialize in crafting top-notch motorcycle gear. Over time, our focus shifted, and now we exclusively cater to the production of high-quality motorcycle gear, a journey that has been our passion ever since.

Word of Mouth

As time progressed, positive word of mouth and growing interest propelled LOPEHOLT from handling individual customer orders to establishing a network of numerous dealers. The surge in demand made us realize the need to broaden the product line and establish a distinctive brand identity.

Quality Custom & Original

The LOPEHOLT remains committed to utilizing premium materials and meticulously overseeing the product’s quality control throughout the entire production process. Our dedication to offering an extensive array of customizable options remains unrivaled in the industry, ensuring that, in this regard, nothing has changed.